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Toxicity can develop with as few as 10 tablets of ferrous sulfate (3g) taken at one time—and can be fatal within 12 to 48 hours plavix 75 mg on-line arrhythmia mayo clinic. Protein binding alone is affected by ■ acidity (pH) of blood ■ molar drug concentrations ■ bilirubin levels ■ uraemic inhibitors ■ presence of heparin ■ numbers of free fatty acids ■ other (displacing) drugs Predilution increases transfer (and so clearance) of protein-bound urea (and other molecules) into plasma (Kaplan 1998) discount plavix 75mg mastercard blood pressure by age group. What intellectual generic plavix 75 mg heart attack 26, technical cheap plavix 75 mg amex arteria temporalis media, interpersonal, and/or social relationships, increased responsibility, and ethical/legal competencies are most likely to bring awareness of one’s own mortality about the desired outcome? In Worksheet 9-16, you see the partial results of her Climb to the Top Exercise, her repeated exposures to problematic events and activities while not washing her hands. Iron supplements are used for anemia, which occurs from chronic intestinal bleeding. If restraint theory is applied to obesity, the obese should not be encouraged to restrain their food intake. Data suggest that in All advertisements for trial subjects should be included in the submission for approval by the North America, for example, more than 90% of ethics committee. Much of the reviews into this association have stressed the correlational nature of the research and the inherent problems in determining causality (e. A state of attention may be produced initially in ings or while socializing with friends after work. Cell membranes, therefore, maintain intracellular homeostasis; damage to the cell membrane disrupts cell function, with extensive damage resulting in organ dysfunction. Pregnancy rates are of the same order as those Oral contraceptive steroids undergo enterohepatic circula- with the intra-uterine contraceptive device or barrier methods tion, and conjugated steroid in the bile is broken down by bacte- (approximately 1. Accumulation of a given density of a low-molecular-weight pheromone (autoinducer) enables a bacterial population to sense when the critical cell density (quorum) has been reached that will enable it to invade the host successfully, at which point transcription of virulence determinants is initiated. Speaking respectfully to the patient and and competency through research, study, and addressing the patient by preferred name practice. So-called temperate bacteriophages lysogenize the host cells, whereby their genomes are integrated into the host cell chro- mosomes as the so-called prophage. An arch has ridges that enter from one side of the pattern, make a wave in the middle, and pass out the opposite side from which they entered. The hallmark of the disease is the disparity between the patient’s clinically benign appearance and the 66 Emergency Medicine extensive radiographic findings. Another common sleep problem is sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing that last at least 10 seconds during sleep(Morgenthaler, Kagramanov, Hanak, & [6] Decker, 2006). The patient must be nursed in a manner appropriate for the decreased conscious level. It should always be possible to deter- mine which superior may be ultimately responsible for acts or omissions of a police officer. Engage him in activities in which he see one of her students, Julie, whose grades have can be successful. Physical abuse does appear more frequently • National Runaway Switchboard in poor families. She is on no other medication although she takes vitamins that she buys from the chemist. Describe how you would use the following management functions to organize fellow 10. By dividing a target molecule at the double bond, one can decide which of the two components should best come from the carbonyl, and which from the ylide. Sulphoxides, where one of the four groups is a nonbonding electron pair, are also chiral. In the nineteenth century, some physicians who questioned or expressed caution over efficacy for ‘female conditions’ were widely recognised medical ‘authorities’ at a time of widespread usage of herbs, e. Unfortunately, in violent exchanges between humans the possible scenarios are never only two and they are never simple. One of the most signifcant decisions made by local authorities involves the scope of the medicolegal death investigation. It is also possible to decrease the daily dose of steroid and even to stop its use. As you perform laryngoscopy to intubate the patient, you easily visualize the vocal cords and subsequently pass the orotracheal tube through the vocal cords. Thoracic epidural analgesia may also be useful (Johnson 1998), provided that clotting is not impaired. Positive and negative evaluative conditioning effects of brand placements in music videos. Nursing Process Worksheet Health Problem: Sensory/perceptual alteration: Sample Answers auditory 1. However, Bayesian methods are finding extrapolations to the commercial worth of the increased uses in specialized areas, for example, product. If applicable, ensure that randomization procedures are being followed, blind is being maintained, randomization codebreak envelopes are intact (sealed and stored properly) and a chronological sequence of allocation to treatment is being followed Verify correct biological sample collection (especially number, type, and timing), correct procedures for assays (if applicable), and labeling, storage and transportation of specimens or samples. However, the decisions are also “published” electronically in various media for distribution to law libraries, attorneys, and commer- cial publishers. This becomes important once the patient is discharged and takes medication at home. He was recently hospitalized for prob- preparations to remove stains and hardened lems with cardiac rhythm, and a pacemaker was particles. For of age and walk by the middle of the second year, any example, if people were not responsible for negative be- child who was more than five or six months delayed in haviors, they should not be punished, for they had no attaining those two milestones would probably be classi- control over their behaviors. When administering sublingual or buccal medication: • Do not permit the patient to ingest food or liquid if the medication is administered sublingually (under the tongue) or bucally (between the cheek and gum) until the medication is completely absorbed. As to depression, the Natural Standard states only that folic acid deficiency has been found among people with depression and has been linked to poor response to antidepressants.

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Social Development in Adolescence Some of the most important changes that occur during adolescence involve the further development of the self-concept and the development of new attachments effective 75 mg plavix heart attack types. Tey will engage in continuous study and research to improve themselves and forensic odontology and recognize and abide by appropriate codes of ethics and conduct generic plavix 75 mg otc blood pressure medication recommendations. He was also aware of the need for a high quality textbook in clinical pharmacology that could also be used by nurses cheap 75mg plavix overnight delivery hypertension pamphlet, phar- macists purchase plavix 75mg visa blood pressure medication every other day, pharmacology science students and doctors preparing for higher qualifications. As far as social psychologists have been able to determine, however, catharsis simply does not work. Determination of the values of 1/2 and el from logarithmic plots of plasma concen- tration against time. On review of systems, the patient tells you that he had five to six watery bowel movements a day for the last 2 days with a few bouts of emesis. Asparaginase Oestrogens • Antidiarrhoeal drugs, such as loperamide, reduce Azathioprine Pentamidine associated diarrhoea. Sometimes, after extinction has taken place, the conditioned stimulus will produce the reflexive behavior without the uncondi- tioned stimulus, a process called spontaneous recovery. Don’t be fooled by this question; mitosis is when a cell replicates itself — with a full complement of chromosomes. It tells a practitioner the safe dose to give for the therapeutic effect to be achieved. Two types of cytoplasmic projections play a role in neurons: Dendrites conduct impulses to the cell body while axons (nerve fibers) usually conduct impulses away from the cell body (see Figure 15-1). Although not pathologically significant, the reasons for the presence of two P waves should be explained to patients, families and junior nurses. Physical and • Genetic factors: Genetic factors can predispose to psychological dependence may be distinguished clinically. If possible, feeding should be enterai (Johnson 1998), but paralytic ileus and/or duodenal damage may prevent enterai feeding, although jejunal feeds (which unlike gastric feeds do not stimulate pancreatic secretions (Santamaria 1997)) may be possible; parenteral nutrition may be necessary, but will expose patients to potential infection, hyperglycaemia and other complications. According to MacConnachie (1997a) it provokes: ■ local inflammatory responses (disrupting mucosal barriers) ■ systemic immune response and inhibits endogenous somatostatin release (so increasing acid production). Once the bones have become weakened, osteoporosis may cause back pain, collapsed vertebrae, loss of height, and spinal deformities. While the literature is consistent on incidence, it is inconsistent about possible gender, age, racial and seasonal prevalence. For example, obesity often leads to diabetes and high blood pressure and cholesterol. Historically, this is proaches to understanding needs for nursing and not uncommon to nursing and is deeply ingrained designing care to address these needs. The imidic acid tautomerizes to the more stable amide via deprotonation on oxygen and protonation on nitrogen. Normally about 65 per cent of blood volume is in the veins; inadequate return necessarily makes cardiac output (arterial pressure) inadequate. The environment, one of and families can be known, and care designed, the oldest concepts in nursing described by offered, and evaluated (Barry, 1998; Parker, Barry, Nightingale (1859/1992), is not only immediate & King, 2000). However, such measures only access the individual’s cognitions about their social world. This game represents a social dilemma in which the goals of the individual compete with the goals of another individual (or sometimes with a group of other individuals). The general increase in educational standards emergence of two major influences in decisions within the developed world and the massive about new advances in healthcare. It is found in a wide variety of products, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, candy, and desserts. Te authors report the median ages of three stages of root 266 Forensic dentistry 1 resorption 4 1 resorption 2 3 resorption 4 Figure 13. However, if they ate the one that was in front of them before the time was up, they would not get a second. As a result, pain was no longer understood as a sensation but as an active perception. Unlike the thymus, however, the tonsils don’t secrete hormones but do produce lymphocytes and antibodies to protect against microorganisms that are inhaled or eaten. What resources might be helpful for Scenario: William Raines, a homeless 68-year- Mr. For example, serotonin, a well known neurotransmitter, has a substituted indole system. Within 2 hours of collection, deliver the swab with a request form to the laboratory Dispatching to the microbiology laboratory 1. Explain to client what you expect and what the consequences are if the limits are violated. Eye signs which may be present include lid retraction (sclera visible below the upper lid), lid lag, proptosis, oedema of the eye- lids, congestion of the conjunctiva and ophthalmoplegia. However, if the mixture is active the process must 1 be repeated using A but omitting a different amino acid residue from the synthesis. Alcoholic solution of iodine Potassium iodide 10 g Iodine 10 g Ethanol (70%) 500 ml 2. Freud argued that personality is developed through a series of psychosexual stages, each focusing on pleasure from a different part of the body, and that the appropriate resolution of each stage has implications for later personality development. Indirect immunofluorescence can be used for the qualitative and quanti- tative analysis of antibodies directed against particular microbial antigens, or self-tissue antigens, within a patients serum.

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He describes a gradual onset of chest pain that is worse with activity and resolves when he is at rest buy generic plavix 75mg online blood pressure levels good. As a result purchase 75mg plavix free shipping hypertension 12080, compared with other functional groups order 75mg plavix blood pressure changes, alkanes have low melting and boiling points generic plavix 75mg with amex arteria renal, and low solubility in polar solvents, e. Eyeglasses and contact lenses can be examined and compared to the known history of a person. If a dose (C) of agonist causes a defined effect when Physiological antagonism describes the situation where two administered alone, then the dose (C ) needed to produce the drugs have opposing effects (e. He traveled to the tell also helped start the American Association for the University of Göttingen to study with the philosopher Advancement of Science, one of the premier scientific Rudolf Hermann Lotze (1817-1881) and later with organizations in America today. This chapter highlights the most common infections encountered by the forensic physician. Yes/No What are the professional qualifications of these contribu- Other organizations use, refer to, or maintain links to tors? For example, observational measures would be used for children, some stroke sufferers and some terminally ill patients. Witnesses may give different accounts of the incident; it is the forensic physician’s role to assist the court in determining the true account. Paleoanthropological applications of amino acid racemization dating of fossil bones and teeth. Examples: gastrocnemius (resembles the stomach) and trapez- ius (resembles a tablet). Spirochete consist of protoplasmic cylinder bounded by a cell wall and outer membrane. Cavity, articular 112 f, 120 J Juga Humerus 7, 10, 15, 368, 372 ff, 378, 430 – alveolaria 41, 45 – antero-lateral surface 373 Jejunum 292, 302 ff, 306 – cerebralia 28 – antero-medial surface 373 Joint Junction – of newborn 9 – acromioclavicular 368 ff, 372, 378 – costochondral 196 – posterior surface 373 – of ankle 432, 443, 449 ff, 495 – ileocecal 310 Hymen 354, 356, 361 – atlanto-axial 200 f Hyoid s. Ionic bonds are commonly formed between reactive metals, electropositive elements (on the left hand side of the periodic table), and nonmetals, electronegative elements (on the right hand side of the periodic table). She is known to not have to pray that it come to you; that God’s have said, “The solution to a better and full life is in omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all the practice of yoga, where you can find all the that you need to do is improve your knowing. Abdominal obesity is influenced by a number of factors, including genetics and lifestyle choices. Incident reports: A tool used by healthcare agen- and state their relationship to the patient. According to a survey given by an established coalition that studies and encourages volunteering (http://www. By studying the way the most of the next two years and several months there, rats “operated on” their environment, Skinner formulat- naked and happy. Despite recent advances in genetic engineering, xenografting remains experimental with hepatic complement production causing complications. Try to redirect the violent behavior with physical outlets for the client’s anxiety (e. Her 20-year-old son has asthma and she has tried his salbutamol inhaler on two or three occasions but found it to be of no real benefit. Claiming to be medical qualified they were forced to drop pretensions to medical degrees once the General Medical Council began licensing procedures in 1859. Confront client’s use of manipulative behaviors and explore their damaging effects on interpersonal relationships. These include the following: • Child abuse or neglect • Parental rejection or abandonment • Harsh or inconsistent discipline • Emotional deprivation • Parental substance abuse • Parental unpredictability Symptomatology (Subjective and Objective Data) 1. If you experienced a reaction in a given category, elaborate and specify how your body reacted (in the middle column). Nursing re- are best communicated through aesthetic media to sponses to calls for caring evolve as nurses clarify preserve the lived meaning of the situation and the their understandings of calls through presence and openness of the situation as text. Te risk for facial injury was much higher among the domestic violence victims than was seen in other mechanisms of injury. Absence attacks are brief, with an abrupt onset and termination; several such absences may occur in quick succession, producing significant gaps in memory. But if we have reserves of the other things we need — carbohydrates, fats, and proteins — why don’t we have some kind of storehouse of oxygen, too? Various user errors can occur, including ■ transducer level (should be at heart level; small changes in height cause large errors in measurement) ■ patency should be maintained with continuous infusion (normally at 300 mmHg) with isotonic crystalloid ■ drugs should not be given through arterial lines (bolus concentrations can be toxic) and so lines and all connections/taps should be clearly labelled/identified (e. It is not recommended for use by those with organ transplants or those taking immune-suppressant drugs; use only under doctor’s su- pervision if pregnant, lactating, diabetic, or if you have an immune disorder. This paradox can be summarized as follows: s Obesity is a physical health risk, but restrained eating may promote weight cycling, which is also detrimental to health. All three of the six- membered rings can adopt strain-free chair conformations as shown below. Physical examination reveals crackles mid- way up both lung fields and a new holosystolic murmur that is loudest at the apex and radiates to the left axilla. The nurse uses observation, review of census data, statistics, data from community member inter- views, and so on to collect provocative facts about the community. Preliminary research suggests benefits for improving the quality of sleep and enhancing learning performance, reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syn- drome, heightening mental acuity, promoting concentration, reducing negative side effects of stress and caffeine, and supporting immune function. Relearning can be a more sensitive measure of memory than either recall or recognition because it allows assessing memory in terms of “how much‖ or “how fast‖ rather than simply “correct‖ versus “incorrect‖ responses. Vital signs examination: blood pressure, temperature, and a second recording of the pulse are carried out. This domain includes forms that live under extreme environmental con- ditions, including thermophilic, hyperthermophilic, halophilic, and methanogenic microorganisms.

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From the onset plavix 75mg with mastercard blood pressure medication young adults, client should be made aware of which be- haviors will not be accepted in the treatment setting cheap plavix 75mg without a prescription blood pressure of 150/100. Weight is determined in large part by thebasal metabolic rate generic plavix 75mg mastercard pulse pressure 67, the amount of energy expended while at rest buy plavix 75 mg low price heart attack headache. Enterobacter aerogens Other important causative agents: Enterococci Staphylococcus saprophyticus 318 Routes of infection 1. Linear relationships between variables are normally analyzed using the Pearson correlation coefficient. Rosenstock 1966; Becker and Rosenstock 1987) (see Chapter 2) and has been used to predict condom use. Divide into 4 quadrants (ascending, transverse, there is no food intake, a small amount of stool is descending, and rectosigmoid colon). Now, for the capital cities that your friend can‘t name, give him just the first letter of the capital city. Vital signs, blood pressure, and laboratory serum studies are within normal limits. In each case, before beginning to conduct the research, scientists have attempted to determine the potential risks and benefits of the research and have come to the conclusion that the potential benefits of conducting the research outweigh the potential costs to the research participants. Safety registries capture and document ongoing safety and outcomes data in patient populations under real-world treatment conditions; see also epidemiology, observational study, outcomes research, phar- macovigilance, post-approval research, surveillance. The provision of sealed, standardized clinical forensic examination kits or modules ensures that these requirements can be guaranteed (8,9). These products are proving popular with both western patients and in Chinese cities where the pace of life has recently increased significantly. Later, the son of the married couple accused them of murder, stating that he saw his mother leave the home with some- thing heavy and large in a bag. Such a transpersonal relation is influenced by This honors the I-Thou relationship versus an I-It the caring consciousness and intentionality of the relationship. Schachter and Singer believed that the cognitive part of the emotion was critical—in fact, they believed that the arousal that we are experiencing could be interpreted as any emotion, provided we had the right label for it. Treatment was by radiotherapy with oral steroids to cover any initial swelling of the tumour which might increase the degree of obstruction in the trachea. Caution: endocrine system by stimulating nerve reflexes on Moderate the temperature if there is risk of the spinal cord. The different policies include: (1) opportunistic screening (offer a smear test when an individual presents at the sur- gery); (2) offer a smear test every five years; (3) offer a smear test every three years; and (4) offer a smear test annually. Drug excretion is directly related to glomerular filtra- mol/L to mg/100mL, as is used on this scale, simply divide by 88. Cephalosporins, Nursing Diagnosis, and Collaborative Problems Here are the common nursing diagnoses that are related to a patient who is receiving cephalosporins. The dose of steroid is higher than may appear at first sight as the patient is only 50 kg; drug doses are usually quoted for a 70 kg male, which in this case would equate to 10 mg of prednisolone, i. It is The first two glitazones caused severe hepatotoxicity and are not contraindicated in patients with renal impairment, heart failure, obstructive pulmonary disease or used. However, in one exceptional case in which a female remained prone in the hospital for several days because of injuries sustained 106 Rogers and Newton during a sexual assault, semen was detected on anal swabs taken 113 hours after the act of anal intercourse (181). More percentage is dedicated to the head given their larger head-to-body ratios (7% in children and 9% in infants). While 1:10,000 may be used neat for an infusion, 1:1,000 should be diluted before administration. It is incumbent on a practitioner responding to the question from a patient about a ceremony (perhaps an aboriginal person looking to reconnect with traditional ways) to appreciate the spectrum of ceremonies and how they may help with specific physical, mental or psychological problems. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas in response to that rise in blood sugar. Assumption of additional identities within the personality; behavior involves transition from one identity to another as a method of dealing with stressful situations. Study Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Nursing Care, 7th Edition. At the newed recognition as the preferred method for Loeb Center, Lydia Hall created an environment in preparing professional nurses. But people have been coping with mental health conditions for a long time without modern medicines, and many consumers are conversant with and use these remedies. The other enantiomer is the (À)-glyceraldehyde and this was assigned as L- glyceraldehyde. The House of Lords held that parental rights to determine whether a child younger than 16 years received treatment terminated if and when the child achieved a sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable him or her to comprehend the issues involved. In my fatigue and frustration, mixed with youthful hope and desire for more education, I could not answer the question “What is nurs- ing? For example, if the antemortem records show a full crown on a certain tooth and the postmortem record shows an occlusal amalgam on the same tooth, the comparison results in exclusion. Any book is necessarily a pragmatic balance between the author’s priorities and interests; this book represents mine. It is often assumed that changes in theoretical perspective over time represents improvement with the recent theories reflecting a better approximation to the truth of ‘what pain really is’. Saturation of total haemoglobin (not single molecules) can be measured through oximetry (e.

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Te author once examined remains bearing several crescent depressions and one elongated full-thickness fracture on the skull purchase plavix 75mg on-line blood pressure normal values, and a small rectangular punch- out on the sternum purchase plavix 75mg line blood pressure yoga ramdev. The overall physical appearance of the person and information about their daily habits generic plavix 75 mg visa prehypertension la gi, and consideration of seasonal influences also contribute to the analysis 75mg plavix for sale heart attack cafe chicago. Furthermore, playing more video games was found to relate to less altruistic behavior. Freud and Charcot also found that during hypnosis the remembering of the trauma was often accompanied by an outpouring of emotion, known as catharsis, and that following the catharsis the patient‘s symptoms were frequently reduced in severity. Inhibit replication of normal intestinsl flora and permit replication of salmonella Egs. These tools are then used by the researchers to examine how the subjects in the research feel/think/behave. Antigens that are expressed only in the periphery, that is outside of the thymus and secondary lymphoid or- gans, are ignored by T cells; potentially autoreactive T cells are thus directed against such self antigens. Methods other than self-report exist to assess smoking behaviour, such as carbon monoxide in the breath, cotinine in the saliva. Client must recognize how maladaptive eating behaviors are related to emotional problems—often issues of control within the fam- ily structure. London: Churchill General anaesthetics (Chapter 24) have low molar poten- Livingstone, 2007. Encourage client to discuss feelings, particularly anger, in an effort to confront unresolved issues and expose internalized rage that may be triggering self-mutilative behaviors. It causes vasoconstriction, so the perineum), or for use in intravenous regional anaesthesia adrenaline must not be added. Sam‘s parents have created a foundation in her memory, dedicated to informing people, particularly college students, about the dangers of binge drinking, and to helping them resist the peer pressure that brings it on. Such intervals will diminish as desired pharmacological effect and are often crucial for the the sample size is increased. Because the causes are numerous, it is beyond the remit of this chapter to cover them all. Hypothalamus Anterior pituitary gland Adrenocortico- tropic hormone Thyroid- stimulating hormone Figure 16-1: The working Level of thyroxin relationship has control over anterior Thyroid pituitary gland and of the hypo- gland hypothalamus thalamus and the pituitary gland. Because hypnosis is based on the power of suggestion, and because some people are more [5] suggestible than others, these people are more easily hypnotized. For amino acids, a zwitterionic structure is possible because the basic amino group can accept a proton and the acidic carboxylic group can donate a proton. The items were derived from the car- study, found she could not approach analysis of the ing theory. Surveillance systems that monitor infectious diseases provide data that can be used to develop actions to prevent infectious diseases. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other sources. In this case, the development of refractory hypotension in a patient who is on antibiotics and pressors, and the subse- quent hypoglycaemia, should alert one to the probability of adrenal insufficiency. Think about a group of individuals in your community that is underserved and lacks access to nursing resources. Operations in the odontology section are under the authority of the chief odontologist and all dental identifcations are reviewed and approved by the chief. English speakers can differentiate the /r/ phoneme from the /l/ phoneme, and thus “rake‖ and “lake‖ are heard as different words. Legal Implications The legal definitions of many jurisdictions, including England and Wales, consider nonconsensual fellatio to be analogous to nonconsensual penile pen- etration of the vagina and anus (66,67). Summarize the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to human altruism. Enthusiasts lodge is a tangible expression of the intricate min- claim that pollution, artificial environments, syn- gling of being tested, of being reduced to the mere thetic clothing, and lack of regular exercise clog bones of your life before being guided into a pores and block the body’s natural flow of perspira- rebirth—a re-creation of yourself—through the tion and can lead to physical and emotional prob- ordeal of the cleansing crisis. The exception is the patient with long-standing diabetes mellitus, with concomitant retinopathy and neuropathy, who almost certainly has diabetic nephropathy. Possible Etiologies (“related to”) [Low self-esteem] [Intense emotional state] [Negative attitudes toward health behavior] [Absence of intent to change behavior] Multiple stressors [Absence of social support for changed beliefs and practices] [Disability or health status change requiring change in lifestyle] [Lack of motivation to change behaviors] Defining Characteristics (“evidenced by”) Minimizes health status change Failure to achieve optimal sense of control Failure to take action that prevents health problems Demonstrates nonacceptance of health status change Goals/Objectives Short-term Goals 1. Florence Nightingale as a leader in the religious and civic Florence Nightingale and hospital reform (Vol. To English speakers they both sound the same, but to speakers of Arabic these represent two different phonemes. The value of p for a specific substituent will vary with the structural environ- ment of the substituent (Table 4. Note and/or ethical/legal competencies are most whether the jury delivers the same verdict that likely to be used in this situation? Involvement in interpersonal activities and explanation of the actual situation will help bring the client back to reality. With patient standing, observe threatening peripheral vascular disease is probably refilling of vein. The following table presents just a few of these sources, and their major diterpenoidal components. These methods use experimentally determined data to sim- plify many of the atomic orbitals, which in turn simplifies the Schrodinger equation for the structure.

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